Over the Garden Wall Poster

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I recently got to work with Cartoon Network on their CN Collective Series. I chose to depict one of my favorite cartoons, Over The Garden Wall. This is an 18" x 24" six-color screen-print on Madero Beach french paper. It is available only from June 6th-19th as a timed release for $75 here. I made this as a sister-piece to my official Adventure Time poster from a few years ago.

The Cartoon Network Collective is a new dedicated space that will bring celebrated artists to interpret your favorite Cartoon Network shows and characters. The Collective will offer limited-edition posters that are sold on a timed release. This means that once the clock runs out, we stop taking orders and the number of posters we've sold is the size of the edition. The poster is then retired forever, and we won't sell any more. So it’s important that you keep checking The Collective to see whose work is currently available and whose work is coming next so you don’t miss out!

Beyond the limited-edition posters, we'll be offering the same artwork, along with other artwork from the same artists, on gifts like shirts and phone cases. These collectibles will be sold as an open edition without limits.

As we grow, The Collective will feature more interviews, behind-the-scenes and work-in-progress content, and much more, both here and through Cartoon Network’s social media. We see this as a community, so your input and feedback will help us to make improvements, will help us find great artists that you love, and will help us keep The Collective fresh. We’re all in it together!
18" x 24" six-color screen-print
On Madero Beach French Paper
Timed release June 6-19

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