18” x 24” two-color screen print
on Madero Beach French Paper
Printed by Headlight Hotel, Providence RI
Inspired by LOST.
These prints will only be available from Gallery 1988. I will not have any prints for sale in the future. Proceeds from sales with go towards The Mission Continues, which helps veterans in our community.
My submission for Gallery 1988’s Bad Robot Art Experience opening April 26th until May 18th 2013 at G1988 West. See below for explanation:
The central motif of the poster is the Dharma Initiative logo. The logo itself is based on the King Wen Bagua from I Ching. It describes an ancient system of cosmology and philosophy that is at the heart of Chinese cultural beliefs. The philosophy centers on the ideas of the dynamic balance of opposites, the evolution of events as a process, and acceptance of the inevitability of change. Also, in Hindu, dharma is the moral law combined with spiritual discipline that guides one’s life. Each of the eight trigrams of the Bagua map have specific meanings based on individual units of yin and yang that I have paired with characters of Lost (as well as the backgrounds of each of the vignettes) that they most closely represent. 
My reasoning for depicting Lost in such a way is because the concept of yin-yang is used to describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world; and, how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. That, along with the question of science vs. faith are central themes of Lost. This especially applies to the peculiarities of the Island, and to the constant battle between two of the main protagonists, Jack Shephard, man of science, and John Locke, man of faith (who are at the center of the poster, in a yin-yang configuration). The poster is in black and white, referencing not only the look of Dharma products, but also the concept of yin-yang.
Also, if you look around the border of the poster, you’ll find all sorts of easter eggs from the show, hidden in the jungle. See if you can find everything!
You can read more about Bagua here. The meanings of each of the trigrams and the explanation of the pairings on the poster are as follows:
Charlie = Trigram: Li • Natural Foundation: Fame/Recognition • Element: Fire. • Before the crash, Charlie was the bassist and songwriter for the famous rock band Drive Shaft. Upon crashing on the island, he longed to be recognized, suffering from self-doubt. His background is depicted as a bonfire to relate back to the associated element of fire.
Kate = Trigram: K’un • Natural Foundation: Marriage/Relationships • Element: Earth.• Though still a fugitive, Kate tried to assume a new life by relocating to Florida under an alias. She fell in love with and eventually married. On the Island, she became an integral member of the survivors’ society, forming strong bonds and eventually romantic relationships with Jack and Sawyer and also becoming close with Claire and Sun. Her background is depicted as an open field to relate back to the associated element of earth.
Claire = Trigram: Tui • Natural Foundation: Children/Creativity • Element: Metal. • Claire was originally scared, lonely, and a young mother-to-be. She was on Oceanic Flight 815 to give her unborn baby for adoption, but ‘fate’ had other plans for her. After successfully giving birth to Aaron on the island, and having him taken away from her, she realized that she and Aaron were truly meant to be together. She embraced the role of mother, just as Charlie, whose bond with Claire had grown substantially, acted like a father to Aaron, and they were a ‘family’. Her background is depicted as the plane wreckage to relate back to the associated element of metal.
Jin = Trigram: Ch’ien • Natural Foundation: Helpful People, Travel, Father • Element: Metal. • Jin initially isolated himself and Sun from the other survivors. His time on the island restored his marriage, which his violent, corrupt job had nearly ruined. He even managed to conceive a child with his wife, even though he’d been infertile. He also contributed through his combat skills, which he’d learned as his father-in-law’s enforcer, and through fishing, a humble occupation that had brought him shame back in Korea. His background is depicted as the plane wreckage to relate back to the associated element of metal.
Sawyer = Trigram: K’an • Natural Foundation: Career/Journey • Element: Water. • Sawyer is a very smart and talented liar, living through numerous cons. He doesn’t kill as easily as Sayid, but carries weapons often, and can make serious death threats. Being one of the most intelligent survivors, many saw him as a would-be leader, a role he reluctantly accepted. His background is depicted as the the ocean to relate back to the associated element of water.
Sayid = Trigram: Ken • Natural Foundation: Self-Knowledge/Wisdom • Element: Earth.• If Jack is a man of science, and Locke is a man of faith, Sayid is a combination of the two. He believes in facts and evidence, but is driven by faith in his own intuition. Sayid is portrayed as a man of many skills, because of his military background. His background is depicted as an open field to relate back to the associated element of earth.
Sun = Trigram: Chen • Natural Foundation: Family/Past • Element: Wood. • Sun was born into the powerful Paik family; natives of Seoul. She conceived Jin’s baby on the Island, which strengthened their marriage with Jin. Her background is depicted as trees to relate back to the associated element of wood.
Hurley = Trigram: Sun • Natural Foundation: Wealth • Element: Wood. • While employed at Mr. Cluck’s, Hurley won the lottery. Because of a series of unfortunate incidents following his win, he believed himself to be plagued with bad luck because of the numbers and searched for an answer to the curse. His background is depicted as trees to relate back to the associated element of wood.
Special thanks to http://lostpedia.wikia.com as an information reference. 

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