The Wonder Years
24" x 18" five-color screen-print
signed and numbered edition of 130
printed on Madero Beach French Paper
Printed by Seizure Palace, Portland OR
My piece for Gallery 1988’s “We Made Them Do It" show. Everyone does pop culture shows, and just when you thought everything has been done, they’ve found what hasn’t. This show will be filled with posters paying tribute to some of our favorite shows that you would never expect to have a limited edition screen-printed poster of. Opening Friday, July 26th 2013 and open until August 15th 2013 at G1988 West.
I’ve been watching Wonder Years on Nick-at-Nite kick, so naturally I chose that show. I wanted to capture the nostalgia of The Wonder Years, by depicting a moment of reminiscence in [older] Kevin Arnold’s life. There’s a few Easter eggs in the poster for any serious fans!

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