Reebok Black Lacrosse Equipment

This is a line of extremely lightweight, sleek and durable lacrosse protectives that myself and two other designers worked on for Reebok, from concept, to design and development, through branding and packaging. The Black line was designed and engineered for the Elite Lacrosse player. The pads are all made from super lightweight EPP foam sandwiched in-between layers of breathable textile. Carbon Lite is one of the lightest and most impact resistant protection materials in the industry; it is comprised of hard shell pieces of molded carbon fiber backed with EVA for extreme protection in areas in need of it. The strategic placement of the EVA foam offer ideal protection while allowing players to move with ease and flexibility. The back of the shoulder pads has a stretch to fit panel that adjusts to the players movement. The flex gloves are truly unique in that they are almost completely molded to give maximum flexibility, and well as to cut down on the weight of the glove and provided extreme protection. They are on sale now here:

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